Dothan Redevelopment Authority Took Trip to Georgia

Monday, Members of Dothan’s Downtown Redevelopment Authority took a trip to Thomasville, Georgia.

They wanted to learn more on the city's 20-plus year downtown revitalization initiative.

In the late 1970's when mall shopping began to draw traffic away downtown, city leaders in Thomasville implemented incentive programs for business owners to renovate.

Dothan city officials saw first-hand the progress made in Thomasville.

It was everything from business facades to parking.

Dothan City Manager Mike West said, “There seems to be a very strong downtown organization, the development organization has done a good job and they've created a good partnership with the city so what we've seen today is the progress of everyone working together what can be done.”

Redevelopment authority members will tour downtown Dothan buildings on Wednesday and discuss purchasing one of them on North Foster Street.

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