Rosa Parks

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A judge has asked former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer to serve as a guardian to 91-year-old Rosa Parks.

U.S. District Judge George Steeh appointed Archer to intercede in two lawsuits filed on behalf of Parks against the record companies of Atlanta-based hip-hop duo OutKast.

Last month, a doctor said the Alabama native and civil-rights icon has dementia and should not be forced to answer questions in the lawsuit.

Archer is to meet with Parks and review all legal files to determine whether she is being fairly represented. The trial is set to start in January.

In the 1999 lawsuit, Parks said that OutKast and the record label BMG Entertainment violated her publicity and trademark rights in the 1998 song "Rosa Parks."

OutKast was excluded from the lawsuit this summer.

In a separate lawsuit filed in August, Parks' lawyers are seeking damages from record companies including LaFace Records, BMG and Arista Records in claims that they misappropriated Parks' name.