FEMA Bandits

First they give, and then they take! That’s what several Federal Emergency Management Agency contractors were caught doing in hurricane-ravaged Florida.

Officials in Martin County, say three roofers, working with FEMA, found themselves in deep trouble with the law. They’re charged with beating and robbing an elderly resident in the area.

An unidentified Stuart County man managed to call a 911 operator.

Martin County sheriff's deputies responded, but when they arrived a trio of bandits fled the crime scene on foot.

Officers brought in some high tech artillery from the air during the search for the guys.

In the end, investigators say the Forward Look Infrared System, mounted aboard the county's helicopter took down the troublemakers when they tried to hide in trees and bushes.

The system was able to follow the alleged criminals' every move. On its display, white represents heat. Investigators say the bad guys never had a chance.

All three men are charged with robbery and one man is charged with aggravated battery.