Donalsonville Girl Allegedly Assaulted by Classmate

A 4-year-old girl has been pulled out of school by her mother after allegedly being sexually assaulted by another 4-year-old.

Beverly Shatley has been passing out flyers by Seminole County Elementary Pre-K, letting Donalsonville residents know what she claims happened to her 4-year-old daughter last Monday.

Shatley said her 4-year-old, "[Told] me that she had been messed with by another little boy and that her area hurt very, very badly."

Shatley claims a 4-year-old boy sexually assaulted her daughter by finger penetration during recess on the playground. "She was seen by a special lady who deals with children issues,” she said. “The officer after the interview was done said it’s been verified they have it on tape and video."

Shatley says not enough is being done by the Seminole County School Board.

However, Superintendent Walter Pierce disagrees and says he's working closely with authorities on this case. "We have cooperated fully with them,” he said. “We continue to cooperate fully with them and we're hoping that it will be resolved in the next day or two."

Pierce says counseling has been offered to the family, but they declined.

Pierce also says the board is willing to help them in any way. "I understand the emotion involved because this is a very dramatic thing for everyone and we certainly want to do what’s right for our students; whatever assistance we can for our students," he said.

Shatley says she is pulling her daughter out of school until she see's more action being taken and she hopes the little boy involved gets help. "I want to see the little boy that did this to my daughter get some help,” she said. “I want some prayers to go out to our family and his."

Donalsonville Police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are working on the case.

The boy has been voluntarily pulled out of school by his mother.

Obviously, no charges have been filed or even can be filed, since the alleged perpetrator is only 4-years-old.