Additional Funding For Two New Enterprise Schools

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The Enterprise City School Board needs additional funding for construction of a new high school and Hilcrest Elementary School.

Last Thursday, Superintendent Jim Reese and members of the board went before the city council to ask for help.

The new 131 acre location off 84 has been purchased, but the rest of the project costs are on the backburner.

Reese said, "We have various sources that we got funding from. The state allocated $32 million dollars, insurance that we received, FEMA grants some donations; but right now, we're still trying to exhaust every possible source that we can."

Even with the state offering $32 million dollars, there is still not enough money to get the job done.

Now, the school system is turning to the city for help.

Enterprise High School Principal Rick Rainer said, "I'm very confident and comfortable that our community will step up to the plate and help the school system do what’s needed for our children for 50-75 years to come. Whatever that may be, I don't know."

In the meantime, high school students are studying at Enterprise Ozark Community College in portable classrooms and an unusual daily academic schedule of 11-5.

The elementary students are occupying an early education facility.

Rainer says, "It’s going as well as it can. Again, I'm just proud of our kids, proud of our staff, proud of our community for rallying us around this and supporting us and making this the best it can be."

And, for at least the next two-and-a-half years, students and faculty will have to keep moving along at their temporary locations until the bigger, better schools are finally built.

The total cost needed to complete these projects is still undetermined.

Reese will be going over figures this week with the architect. They will present their data before city council next week.

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