Parole Hearing

District Attorney Doug Valeska is pushing for Alabama to adopt truth in sentencing for convicted criminals.

Valeska expressed frustration after hearing that convicted murderer William Clark, is up for parole. Clark received a life sentence in 1996.

Clark was convicted of firing a fatal shot at 17-year-old Kenneth Martin.

Clark believed Martin was acting suspiciously at the convenience store where Clark worked.

Clark insisted that he did not intend to kill Martin, but told police that after acting suspiciously Martin ran.

A jury deliberated for less than an hour and found Clark guilty of murder.

District Attorney Doug Valeska asked for the maximum sentence, which Clark received. But, eight years later, Clark is up for parole.

Valeska says he's frustrated because Clark shouldn't receive parole before he serves his sentence.

The parole hearing is scheduled on Nov. 1 in Montgomery. The victim's family will be there.