Father And Daughter Reunion

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A reunion in Alabama brought a father together with the Texas daughter he hasn't seen in half-a century.

Eighty-year-old Stanley Colwell and his oldest daughter, Leean Mace of Houston, met in a tearful embrace at Montgomery Regional Airport yesterday.

They'll celebrate Thanksgiving together, joined by Colwell's wife, JoAnn.

Mace last saw her father in 1953, when she was two.

Colwell was serving in Italy in 1955 when his ex-wife, after a bitter divorce, contacted him and wanted her new husband to adopt their two daughters -- Leean and Stana Lynn.

Colwell, who didn't want the girls' names to change while they were in school, said OK.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports Mace reached Colwell's son through a friend who does Internet searches.

Stana Lynn lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and plans to meet her father in Montgomery over Christmas.