Church Family Evicted From Their Home

The family of a child who was allegedly molested by a pastor's son is now being evicted from their home.

The Therrell family was employed by the church and lived in church housing.

Both parents have been fired and they are being forced to move.

The family says the move has devastated their family and especially their 12 year old special needs child.

"I can't comprehend it. My daughter was victimized once and now again I've had to pull her out of her school. She lost her home, I had to sell her puppy and she laid on the floor and cried when I pulled her bed apart."

Both Rhonna and Paul Therrell say there were many members of the church who supported them through this ordeal.

They say that support is the reason they waited a year to contact police.

Church officials promised they would handle the situation, but they say not enough was done, so they felt forced to go to officials.