Fort Rucker

Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting says the recent announcement about the military funding for Alabama and Fort Rucker is a pleasant surprise.

He says he hopes it’s another indication Rucker may stay safe from the base realignment and closures.

Mayor Bunting who is also the Alabama BRAC Commission Chairman says the funding has been needed for years.

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby announced Monday that $24 million will go towards the privatization of military housing.

Bunting says privatization is a proven money saver and that will lead toward housing improvements that the soldiers and families deserve.

Shelby also announced $16.5 million that will go toward a new hangar.

Bunting says the funding, plus the efforts from the governor and communities working together, will all play a part in keeping Fort Rucker off the BRAC list.

The BRAC process begins in the spring and the final list will be out next December.