Lockheed Martin Celebrates 20,000th Hellfire Missile

Thursday, a Wiregrass company celebrated its 20,000th Hellfire Missile; a missile they say has saved countless lives.

Lockheed Martin celebrated with warfighters and employees sharing stories of how much the missile has been an asset to fighting in the war.

Military men and women say the Hellfire Missiles are so precise, they have not only saved their lives but the lives of many innocent women and children caught between enemy lines.

Chief Warrent Officer Doug Sanders said, :The Hellfire is laser precision guided and that allows us to make engagements that, were that not the case we wouldn't be able to make, we obviously saving innocent people and keeping civilians out of the fight is important to us as getting the enemy and Hellfire allows us to do both of those at the same time.

Another celebration for the missile will be held next week in Ocala, Florida.

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