White Retiring

Dothan Police Chief John White is retiring.

After 30 years in the Dothan Police Department, White says he will pursue a career in law after passing the bar earlier this year.

Chief White wrote a letter to Interim City Manager Jerry Corbin Monday morning announcing his retirement.

Corbin said he knew the chief was thinking about retiring, but didn't know it was coming this soon.

White has long been interested in pursuing a career in law and in order to do that he had to quit his job on the police force.

Chief White and the Dothan Police Department have been subjected to an investigation by the Dothan Personnel Board for allegations surrounding the resignation of former Police Captain Jim Smith, but nothing has turned up.

Corbin says he hasn't had the chance to speak with the mayor or city commissioners about the search for White's replacement. Corbin says he doesn't know when the selection process to replace White will begin.

White’s last day is Dec. 25 of this year. Chief White says he's not speaking with any media at this time.