Alabama Execution Controversy

The American Bar Association is working to obtain a nationwide stop to capital punishment while the procedure is reevaluated.

The death penalty has been an issue in American society for over 300 years. While many want to stop it, the Bar Association says they just want it paused to make sure the system works, saying, "the best way to fix these practices is to remove the pressure of impending executions”.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said, "This is nothing new,; there are liberal social do-gooders all over our country who always favor the rights of criminals over the rights of criminals."

The group sites several problems with the system in Alabama in a 300-page evaluation. A lot of attention is paid to the lack of a post conviction DNA testing statute in the state.

District Attorney Doug Valeska said, "There's not a prosecutor in the world that doesn't want to make sure a defender gets a fair trial. Everyone wants them to have a fair trial, we want their rights protected, but then we want justice. The bottom line: we want no mercy; they didn't give the victim any mercy, they are not entitled any mercy."

The Bar Association also sites research data in it's report that claims 52 percent of jurors believed if the defendant was a future danger to society they were required by law to sentence them to death.

King said, "Tt is not time to study the death penalty, it is time to be about the business of doing justice. The American Bar Association ought to be ashamed for siding with criminals over victims and law abiding citizens."

The debate will continue on for the foreseeable future on this issue, but in the meantime, the burden of proof is going to be with the Bar Association to convince each states government that there are flaws in the system. Until then, things will go ahead as scheduled

For a look at the entire Bar Association report on the State of Alabama, you can check their website at

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