New Cell Tower Improves Emergency Response Times

Emergency responders say communication is clearer in Abbeville. They believe a new cell phone tower gives them a chance to respond quicker to emergencies.

It stands at 400 feet and has a signal that spans out six to eight miles.

Abbeville Fire Chief Ryan Fegginn said, "It will enhance communications throughout the area, especially in the rural communities where we will have a person to person contact. It will greater enhance our way to communicate."

Fegginn is referring to the added Southern Linc Tower that gives all emergency personnel better reception on their phones in the northern end of Henry County.

The new tower is the second to be added to the town.

Abbeville Mayor Rhett Taylor said, "We can communicate now without going to the car radio; all the police officers and rescue now is on their side and if they need help, they can automatically reach, grab it, click it up."

The tower sits behind Fred's Grocery on Highway 27 and took over eight months to complete with a cost peaking at $200,000 dollars.

Mayor Taylor says the towers’ are a great asset to the county, helping better prevent disasters like the Abbeville tornado.

Mayor Taylor added, "We no longer have any problem in our area what so ever communicating with rescue or fire or police."

Fire Chief Fegginn adds the same and says his men are just as excited about the added safety tool. "They think its great,” he says. “It’s going to allow me to keep up with them a lot more now."

Officials say they are already seeing benefits with the new tower since it was activated two weeks ago.