Houston County Emergency Response Drill

Saturday, a regional disaster drill was held in Houston County to make sure responders are ready to perform their tasks if a real life situation were to arise.

Local emergency management officials, medical systems, police, fire, and rescue departments all came together Saturday morning for an emergency response drill.

The 3 hour session was a detailed mock crime scene set up to train Houston County officials.

The scenario- 6 armed suspects taking dozens of hostages at the courthouse.

Shots were fired leaving 20 people injured and some dead.

But it was a happy ending to this story- the bad guys were caught and arrested while the so called victims walked away unharmed.

Every year the emergency management team holds an active event to keep their skills sharp.

They deal with problem identification, capability, and resolution.

Saturday's disaster drill included officials from many surrounding counties to make sure each agency can work together both efficiently and effectively.