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A recent poll shows that more than two-thirds of Alabamians support a state lottery to benefit public education.

The random telephone poll of 609 voting-age Alabamians, conducted by the Center for Governmental Services at Auburn University, found that 55.1 percent of respondents strongly support an education lottery and an additional 13.8 percent support it, bringing the figure to 68.9 percent in favor.

About 24.6 percent of those polled either strongly or mildly oppose a lottery. The poll was taken in June and includes a sampling error margin of plus or minus four percentage points.

The survey also found that nearly 80 percent of the respondents said public education should be an urgent or high priority for local and state officials.

AU pollster Jim Seroka said opinions on the lottery were not rooted in gender, occupation, income or race, though political philosophy and party affiliation seemed to play a strong role.

Seroka said respondents were not asked their religious affiliation because of the university's privacy regulations regarding polls.

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