South Carolina and Ozark Police Seek Bank Robbery Suspect

Ozark Police may enlist the help of police in South Carolina to track down a suspect that robbed an Ozark bank last month.

On September 4th, the Community Bank in Ozark was robbed and a week later, a bank in South Carolina was hit with the same fate. Police have reason to believe the suspect in South Carolina is the same that hit here in Alabama.

Police say the robber has held up five banks in South Carolina, two of those taking place on Thursday.

Ozark Police Deputy Chief Myron Williams said, “Yesterday, there were two banks that were robbed in South Carolina that had the same description of this person. We took the photos from South Carolina and provided those to the clerks at the Colonial Bank and we have a positive identification, this is the same person that robbed both banks.”

Deputy Chief Williams says the suspect is believed to be 5’11’’, 220 pounds with strawberry blonde hair.

Deputy Chief Williams says Ozark and police in South Carolina came to a conclusion they were both looking for the same man because of his distinct features, he walked with a limp and has beer belly.

If you have any information about the case, call Crime Stoppers at 774-9999 or Ozark Police at 774-5111.