Ozark Downtown Revitalization Plan

One Wiregrass city official says downtown revitalization in his city is long past due, but steps are being taken to change that.

Hats Off Barbershop has been open since June and Co-Owner Tammy Parson says it was one of her best moves.

That move is part of the Ozark Revitalization Plan for the downtown area.

Dale County Commissioners met Thursday to discuss plans to beautify the town of Ozark.

"So many towns are dying and you know, this is a beautiful city. I just think it’s great for everybody to try to make it better," says Parson.

Among changes on the agenda are expanding sidewalks to surrounding neighborhoods and removing awnings above local businesses.

Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting says, "The canopies need to come down; we're [in] the 21st century, their apart of the urban renewal plan in the early 70's."

Mayor Bunting says changes in the city are long overdue and has high hopes for the future of the city. "My goal would be to have the most beautiful historical downtown district in the whole state of Alabama," he says.

Tammy Parson has the same hopes and says she is happy with the changes that are in progress.

The next public hearing about the Ozark Revitalization Plan will be held December 3rd in the Ozark Municipal Complex.

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