Final Round Table Meeting in Dothan Schools

Parents sounded off at the final roundtable meeting in Dothan schools this year and they have ideas about changes they would like to see.

Dothan High School hosted the last of 19 roundtable meetings in Dothan schools this year.

Parents were invited to the meetings to discuss any issues or concerns they have with any Dothan schools.

Consolidation and renovation of the two Dothan high schools has been a hot topic at the meetings.

But school officials say that it's not only up to the school board for changes to take place.

Dothan Board of Education Chairman Dr. Steve Stokes says, "For us to be as good as we can be we need support of the Dothan City Commission, the city government, support of the Chamber of Commerce and parents and grandparents who are involved in our schools who want us to be a success."

Superintendent Nichols will take his findings from these meetings to a school board work session on November 13th.

He says that answers about the future of Dothan schools will start to be formed at that time.