Geneva County Groundbreaking For New Water Tower

Northern Geneva County will soon feel the growth coming from nearby Enterprise. In Chancellor on Thursday, a groundbreaking was held to accommodate existing and new homeowners.

With the traditional turning of the earth, work officially got underway on the construction of a 75,000-gallon water tower for Chancellor.

It will replace the community's 7500-gallon tank. For years, folks have complained of limited water pressure along the Coffee/Geneva County Line.

Chairman of the North Geneva Co. Water Authority, Juanita Johnson said, "Especially during the summer, we have very limited water capacity. We don't have much fire fighting ability as well."

Connie Yates is a member of the North Geneva County Water Authority. Each summer, the town has had to go on an odd/even water-rationing schedule. She says during that time, there is, "No outdoor watering during the summer, no car washing, no filling the pool, no watering the grass."

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, along with state and local monies will cover the $350,000 dollar expense of putting up the tower.

Besides improved water pressure for customers, the tower is also expected to greatly improve firefighting capabilities.

Charles Peters, with a local Engineering Firm said, "It will allow us with new storage capacity we don't have under the current system. And, [it] will allow firefighting for the first time in Chancellor.

Currently, the North Geneva County Authority handles around 150 water customers. Once complete, the system will handle more than 500 homeowners and businesses over a 15-mile stretch.

The new Chancellor water tower is expected to be in place by next spring.

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