Enterprise Robbery/Kidnapping

An Enterprise High School student thought he was going to be killed during a reported robbery/kidnapping late Sunday night. Police say the circumstances surrounding the case don't exactly add up.

Eighteen-year-old Jason Tillary shows where the suspects stabbed him and tied his arms and legs. At around 9 p.m. Sunday night, Tillary says he and his 32-year-old stepbrother Tim Simmons had stepped out of an Enterprise motel room.

That’s when three unidentified black males pointed guns at their heads and robbed them of cash and jewelry.

The suspects then blindfolded the victims before leaving in Simmons' Cadillac Escalade. The men were left bound and gagged on a rural road outside of Troy. The stolen car was found nearby.

Enterprise Police say they don't believe this is a random robbery/kidnapping. They think the victims and suspects knew each other.

Police say the victims tell them that the robbers were armed with handguns and knives, but they have very little else to work with.