Mother And Son Hostage

A Pansey man is in custody for holding his wife and four year old son hostage.

Just after midnight on Thursday the Houston County Sheriff's Department was notified of a hostage situation on Veronica Drive in Pansey.

Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover says witnesses’ say Calvin Blair threatened to kill his wife if she tried to leave the residence.

After witnesses saw him place a weapon to the head of his 4-year-old son they called police.

Sheriff Glover say officers established a parameter near the home and made plans for entry.

Hostage negotiators were on their way when the wife called 911 and said Blair had taken pain medication and appeared to be asleep on the living room couch.

Police entered the mobile home and found the wife and child unharmed.

Blair was arrested after a brief struggle.

A semi automatic pistol was found on the floor when they apprehended Blair. Sheriff Glover revoked his pistol license.

Blair is being held on a $20,000 bond.