St. Helens Quakes

Mount St. Helens
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September 30th
Mount St. Helens is shaking even harder today than yesterday, strengthening the opinion of scientists that a small or moderate blast could happen in the next few days.

Scientists say if it happens, it could spew ash and rock as far as three miles from the crater, nothing like the big 1980 blast that killed 57 people and coated towns 250 miles away with ash.

The volcano began rumbling more intensely yesterday with frequent earthquakes ranging from magnitude two to two-point-eight. Some of the quakes today have exceeded magnitude three. Scientists say all the shaking may be weakening the lava dome in the crater of the 83-hundred-64-foot mountain.

Few people live near the mountain about 100 miles south of Seattle. The closest structure is the Johnston Ridge Observatory, about five miles from the crater.