106 Yr Old First Time Voter

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A 106-year-old woman has voted in her first presidential election.

Gladys Miller cast her ballot in South Carolina with the help of a friend.
Graeme Moore reports.

At 106-year-old Gladys Miller knows the toll time takes on a body.

"We're going to use the walker."

Her age shows in her slow

Careful shuffle. But on this Election Day those tiny steps have become one big one, taking her to a place she's never been.

"First time voting."

That's right a woman born 106 years ago has never cast a single vote.

She's been alive for 19 presidencies, all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt. She's had the chance to vote for 15 of them but didn't.

So why?

"Well, I just didn't vote."

This woman of few words though changed her mind recently when her friend Glenda Ponder stopped by a few weeks ago.

"Well, I was sitting up there one day; we were talking about voting. So, then she said she wanted to register to vote."

And so they went straight to the front of the line, no questions asked of her

"There you go."

Except to sign her name. From there, it was time to make personal history.

"Stand up."

Miller's friend had to help her through the process, her dexterity obviously not quite what it used to be.

"Right there."

"Yes, ma'am."

And what took almost a century to happen...

"Okay, your ballot has been cast."

...did happen. Finally Gladys Miller voted.

"You are a first time voter."

"She can hardly walk but she can push herself here. It makes me feel good."

and if you're looking for big fanfare from miller, you won't really find it.

But judging by her smile it's pretty clear.

"I feel all right."

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