Fortner Street and Honeysuckle Road Improvement

Thousands of cars pass through the intersection of Fortner Street and Honeysuckle Road every day and plans are moving forward to improve the intersection which is one of Dothan’s busiest.

Sharon McAllister has trouble driving back and forth to her home.

"It's really bad at the bad traffic time, taking the kids to school, and when people get off work its hard to make a left turn or even a right turn," said McAllister.

A public meeting Monday showed the public what the new design would look like.

Traffic Engineering Manager Charles Metzger says, “After we have the public hearing we get approval to move forward with the plan then we can take it from here to purchasing right of way and then enter construction middle of next year."

Sherie Cunningham's husband owns Hemispheres Salon near the intersection and attended the meeting for more information.

"We feel it is a great benefit it is very much needed especially if you have traveled in this area...but we are just concerned about how many parking paces we may lose, but other than that we think it’s a great project," said Cunningham.

Even Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas has been gauging reaction to the proposal.

"For the people that drive this everyday I don’t expect to hear any negatives. It will address traffic, drainage, rebuild a bridge...a lot of positives all come out of one project and we wind up with a safer road that moves much more traffic, much quicker,” said Mayor Thomas.

The entire construction would be funded by the pennies for progress project that has been raising money to improve Dothan with an increased sales tax.

After attending the public meeting McAllister feels confident that the project would be a success.

"I have a lot of confidence in the people that are doing it and I think they will do a good job."

Mayor Thomas says that the construction will be paid for by the Pennies for Progress Project.

It's been raising money to improve Dothan with an increased sales tax.

Officials say that Beaver Creek Bridge near the proposed construction would not close if changes take place next year.

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