Authorities Investigating Home Invasion Murder

Authorities are looking for two suspects involved in an apparent home-invasion murder near the Florida-Alabama line.

At around 9:30 Monday night, two men came through the front door of a mobile home in the Browntown Community outside of Graceville, Florida.

Police say the suspects searched the home looking for valuables.

At one point, Coretta Walker and her three children, ranging in age from one to seven-years-old, were ordered inside the trunk of her vehicle.

Her boyfriend, Fredrick Gilbert, was outside the car when reportedly he was fatally shot

The victim's younger brother tells News 4 that the seven-year-old grabbed a cell phone moments before being forced into the trunk.

The sirens of approaching police scarred the suspects away.

The two suspects are only described as black males in their mid-20s.

They reportedly left in a light-colored Chevrolet Corsica.

If you have any information contact your nearest law enforcement agency.

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