Dothan Regional Airport

Pilots and their aircraft from south-central Florida have come to Dothan seeking refuge from Hurricane Jeanne.

There have been well over 100 aircrafts stored here at the airport this past week, ranging anywhere from private planes to emergency helicopters. And this isn't the first time these aircraft have had to come here for safety.

The Dothan Airport provides protection for planes and helicopters every year during hurricane season. But, since the beginning of this year's hurricane season, the airport has been providing this service to pilots in south-central Florida on numerous occasions.

Among the aircraft are planes from flight schools, the military, private owners and businesses, as well as helicopters from hospitals, and other service-oriented organizations.

The Dothan Regional Airport provides storage space for the aircraft free of charge and it's personnel work overtime to assist in tying them down upon arrival.

It’s a hard job, but one that airport employees are happy to do.

Once the aircrafts are secure, most of the pilots and their families stay around the area and wait for a safe time to return home.

At this time there are only about 50 left, and while a lot of the helicopters have already flown back to Florida, the majority of private planes still here are expected to stay for about another week.