Iraq Update

George Bush
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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden called President Bush’s speech "a powerful indictment" of Saddam Hussein's "contempt for the world."

He said the president did the right thing by reminding the UN that Saddam "is the world's problem and the UN has an obligation to act."

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry said the president gave a "strong speech." But he added the U.S. must give the UN enough time to act.

Earlier, Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle said he did not think "the case for a pre-emptive strike has been made yet." But he acknowledged the president continues to strengthen his case.

As for a resolution from Congress, Daschle said the Senate would likely debate the issue. But he said it first needs to see what action the president wants to take.

Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott wants an immediate vote of support.

He said it's "vital" for Congress to show the world that it backs the president.