Fatal Accident Under Investigation

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A fatal accident is still under investigation by Alabama state troopers.

The accident happened around 11:30 Sunday morning at the intersection of Highway 84 West and Holland Road.

Several Houston County agencies arrived on the scene in Wicksburg and tried to do everything they could to save the lives of these two women, but it was too late.

Elizabeth Elmore, 19, was driving to work at the Southside K-Mart when she crossed the median at the intersection of 84 and Holland, crashing head on into a family station wagon.

Her car went up in flames.

Chief Paul Grimes, with Wicksburg Fire said, "When our fire trucks rolled up 84 and 123, we saw heavy black smoke and already knew in our minds what the call will be; vehicle on fire, possibly entrapment."

Inside the family car that she hit was a mother; 30-year-old Angela Barnes, who also died on the scene.

Her husband, Clifton Barnes was driving, and their two sons were in the backseat.

The three of them were transported to Flower's Hospital.

The scene could have been a lot worse if it were not for a tow truck operator who happened to be by the scene, and pulled the car away from the burning Chevy.

Rusty Whitten, with Eagle Towing, said, "I wasn't intentionally called for the wreck, I just happened to be coming this way. I was on my way to a regular tow, and coming up a hill I noticed some smoke. Once I started coming up to the hill where it was at, I realized what was going on. I knew it was a wreck and had to be bad with the smoke blowing."

The accident is still under investigation by Alabama state troopers.

It is unclear how fast the two vehicles were traveling, but police do not believe it is alcohol related.

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