Seminole County

The Seminole County EMA issued a voluntary evacuation for people living in manufactured homes and low-lying areas.

Some of these same Georgia residents were forced to relocate to safer areas in 2002 due to a flood.

They’ve opened a shelter for the first time this year due to Hurricane Jeanne making its way through Georgia.

The Lion’s Hall Shelter located on North Wiley Avenue opened at 5 p.m. Sunday and is expected to remain open until the storm passes.

Currently, they only have one shelter available, but if need be, will offer a second one at Seminole Elementary School, located on 91-South.

Residents are urged to stay indoors and continually monitor weather conditions.

The Lion’s Hall is not equipped to handle pets, so make sure you make other arrangements for them.

You are asked to bring bedding materials because the shelter does not offer any cots.

Seminole County Schools will be closed Monday. However, faculty and staff will have to report to work at 10 a.m.., provided the weather cooperates.