Ozark Resident Battling Rats UPDATE

An Ozark woman is still battling her public housing managers about living conditions at her apartment.

Pamela Deloach has been going back and forth with her housing manager at Hillcrest Public Housing about the rat infestation in her apartment.

She says the housing authority is not taking appropriate measures to fix the problem and is now evicting her.

It has been a week since a pest control company has been out to Pamela Deloach's home to clear the rat infestation.

The father of Deloach’s child, Ivory Fletcher says no progress has been made. "Their not doing anything to fix the problem,” he says. “She has rats over running her house."

And now, the mother of five has another problem to face: eviction.

"Ms. Venica Hudson pulled up I believe it was Wednesday or Thursday and she delivered it to my 12-year-old son instead of bringing it to me," Deloach said.

The letter states the eviction is in effect because Deloach did not get her utilities turned back on. "I've been trying to make efforts,” she says. “I got that letter before and it wouldn't make any sense for me to get the electricity back on when all the sockets in my kids’ rooms, the wires have been chewed up by the mice."

Fletcher adds, "She has her gas on, but her lights are not on; the reason her lights are not on is because the outlets in the house don't work. It’s a fire hazard. The kids can't plug in their humidifiers for their asthma machines."

Deloach has contacted a lawyer and says it gives her a bit of hope about the situation. "Right now, he's telling me I have a pretty good strong case," she concludes.

Deloach also spoke with two other attorneys that said she has a good case.

News 4 tried to get in contact with the public housing director, but he said he had no comment about the issue.

Deloach had a meeting with her lawyer Friday and hopes to get the matter solved as soon as possible.

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