105-Year-Old Wonder Woman

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Mary Frances "Sangy" White was born October 3, 1907.

Teddy Roosevelt was president; the average salary was about $300; Oklahoma became 45th state; and the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series.

The average person lived to be 47. One hundred five years later, White has beat the odds.

"People come and hug me and say, 'Mary, I want to live as long as you', and I say, 'Hugging don't make you live long like me. You got to do what I do to live a long time'."

And what does she do? Surprisingly a lot, even for someone half her age.

"Good advice is to tend to your business and let their's alone. And cook your own food; don't eat out so much."

"I didn't eat none of my birthday cake."

Sangy's sweet as a peach, but inside every peach is a strong pit.

"A snake - that don't excite me. I'll kill them."

She says the key to living long is treating others well, and she stays active. Last year she crawled up on her roof and patched a leak.

"Some days I love to go fishing. That's my hobby- fishing and sewing."

Sangy still lives by herself on the same street she grew up on.

"People ask me, 'Do you stay by yourself?' And I say, 'No I don't stay by myself. I got two old men and two little boys. And you know what them is? Two guns and two pistols'."

And what does she still want to accomplish?

"That road out there - if I could get it blacktopped in my lifetime and let me travel it."

White is already inviting people to her 106th birthday.

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