Scam Targeting Central Coffee County Seniors

Within the last week, there have been two scam cases targeting the elderly in central Coffee County.

New Brockton Senior Center members say they've heard about the scam, and they're "fearful".

Within a week, a woman knocks on the front door of an elderly resident's home, while the woman engages the homeowner. The male suspect makes his way into the residence. In one case, a victim's wedding ring and other valuables disappeared.

Eloise Medley, the victim’s neighbor, said, "The woman asks for water, the homeowner went to get it. By the time she gets back, the man is also in the kitchen. They started to talk, and talk; finally they left."

Senior Center officials are trying to warn folks to be extremely careful; just don't open the door to a stranger.

Director of the New Brockton Senior Center, Marie Adkison said, "It's all a scam. And what's worse, it appears that they target the elderly in the community."

New Brockton Police have the same message: know who is outside before opening the door to your home.

Investigator Heather Koerner, with the New Brockton Police Department said, “They may ask for something in order to gain entry into the home. Once inside, they start looking around, looking for things to take. We advise folks not to open the door unless they know who they are."

The two suspects are only described as a man and a woman in their mid-to-late-30's and they may have been in a dark colored car.

If you have information on this or other scams in central Coffee County, call New Brockton Police at 894-5559.

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