Two Charged with Stealing Cattle in Covington County

ANDALUSIA, Ala. (AP) - Two people are in custody for cattle rustling. An investigator with the state Agriculture Department said the thefts occurred over a four month period.

Tim Forehead said about 36 head of cattle were stolen from Tony Walden Farms in northern Covington County, near the Crenshaw County line.

He said authorities got a break in the case yesterday when Walden took some cattle to Opp Stockyards to sell and spotted cows in a pen waiting to be sold.

Forehead said the cattle had ear tags from Walden's farm. That discovery led to the arrest of a juvenile and an 18-year-old - their names were not disclosed.

The 11 stolen cattle were reclaimed by Walden and returned to his farm. The case remains under investigation.

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