Troy University to Announce Start of Confucius Institute

TROY, Ala. (AP) - Troy University has joined the list of American universities getting a Confucius Institute.

Governor Riley and Troy Chancellor Jack Hawkins announced the creation of the Confucius Institute at Troy while on a trade mission in Beijing.

The nonprofit center is slated to open in 2008. It will expand Chinese language and cultural education and provide business and industry ties to China. It will also expand use of the state's distance learning program to teach Chinese in high school language classes.

Hawkins says the Confucius Institute is another step in the continued internationalization of Troy University.

The Office of China Language Council International has developed institutes in 31 nations. Locations in the U.S. include Valparaiso University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Kansas, University of Iowa, and University of Massachusetts.

Each institute has a Chinese university serving as a host. For Troy, Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology will fill that role.

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