New Ashford Water Treatment Plant

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The Environmental Protection Agency says current water treatment in the city of Ashford needs some improving.

City officials plan to begin building a new water treatment plant as early as May of next year.

Unfortunately, the new plant will come with a price.

Ashford Utilities Director Larry Hubbard said, "We can either do it, or ADM will come over, come down, and take over our plant. They will build whatever they need, and it will cost a lot more if they come down and take it over. So, what we're trying to do now is get this done ourselves to save people of Ashford who are in sewage, to save them quite a bit of money over the long run."

Only residents paying for sewage will be affected financially by this plant, but officials say that everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of cleaner-smelling air.

Currently, the lagoon that the wastewater is treated in just isn't enough to do the job.

A public forum will be held in Ashford next Monday to let residents know the details of why the plant is necessary.

Mayor Protem Rusty Burgess said, "And the public forum is to let the people in the town know that it's not the city, it's not the counsel, it's not the mayor, if anything it's just the fact that something's got to be done."

And, city officials hope to do just that.

The city plans to have the plant completed by spring of 2009.

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