Man Grows 1,400 Pound Pumpkin

John Barlow of Gays Millsseems to have the secret when it comes growing the biggest pumpkins.

Take a look at the interview attached.

Barlow recently won a pumpkin contest at the Milwaukee County Fair with an entry that weighed more than 14-hundred pounds.

Barlow gets his seeds ready indoors starting at the end of May.

He says because of all the rain we've seen... he didn't have to water the pumpkins once this summer.

When asked why he grows pumpkins... Barlow's answer is simple.
"I got into it because I wanted to grow giant pumpkins," Barlow says.

Barlow has been growing pumpkins for the past 19 years.

If you really want this pumpkin... most go for a dollar-a-pound... making this pumpkin 14-hundred dollars.

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