Hurricane Jeanne 9/22

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September 22nd
It looks like Hurricane Jeanne might eventually be a threat to the U-S after all.

The system has been doing a loop over the open Atlantic, staying away from land. This morning, it's centered about 525 miles east of Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas.

Jeanne is moving south at a lethargic three miles an hour. But it's expected to turn toward the southwest and then to the west in the coming day or so.

Top sustained winds are still at about 90 miles an hour. That's expected to remain consistent over the next day or two.

It's been tough for forecasters to get a handle on just what Jeanne is going to do, given surrounding weather patterns. But forecast models are coming more into agreement, showing the system eventually turning more to the northwest and headed more north by the start of next week.

For now, the forecast track shows a path toward the Carolinas by Monday. But this far out, it's still difficult to predict what Jeanne's path is going to be.

Jeanne centered at latitude 26.6 north, longitude 68.6 west