61-Year-Old Woman to Swim from FL to Cuba

Diana Nyad plans to swim a treacherous 100 miles from Florida to Cuba at the age of 61.

For Diana Nyad, it's a second chance. On August 15, 1978, after nearly 50 hours of non-stop swimming, Nyad had to call it quits on her dream - to swim between Cuba and the United States.

Her attempt 30 years ago ended after she veered off course and was faced dangerous ocean currents. Now at the age of 61 she is going to give it another go.

Diana Nyad, long-distance swimmer, says, "I'm going to go back and chase that elusive dream swimming from Cuba to Florida. That was my dream. I didn't make it. I was young and now I'm sixty and I'm going to make it."

Nyad hasn't swum a single stroke in over 30 years. But she says this time around her 61-year-old body will accomplish what her 28-year-old body did not….and she says age is on her side.

"If you saw a twenty year old do it you'd say 'oh you know that's a great feat but, you know, she's young and strong' but if you saw a sixty year old do something that's almost impossible. It was impossible for me at the age of twenty eight. To see that, I think that's the message that's going to boom out loud across the world to say you see that's sixty one. Are you sixty? Then go out and chase your dreams," said Nyad.

Nyad is hoping sea conditions improve so she can make her second attempt in the near future. She says her age is an advantage - it has made her stronger and brought her the experience she needs to complete something she started over a quarter century ago.

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