Hurricane Ivan Makes History

While the eye of Hurricane Ivan make landfall in Destin, winds were more than 100 miles per hour.

Hurricane Ivan made the history books even before reaching land, ranked number 6 on the top ten list of strongest Atlantic hurricanes, Hurricane Opal is number 9.

Those memories of Opal came flooding back for locals along the coastlines.

The overnight was rough with the wind howling, Spanish-style tile was ripped off hotel roofs piece by piece. And businesses and restaurant signs are scattered across Highway 98.

Closer to the coastline, beach erosion is a problem.

On Holiday Island, sand has been pushed so far inland that it nearly covers street signs and even some cars.

Both Florida and Alabama coastlines will need extensive cleanup.

Today Alabama Governor Bob Riley will tour Mobile and Baldwin counties by air.

President Bush is expected to visit the area this weekend.

State and federal emergency management directors as well as Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions will join Alabama Governor Bob Riley.