WTVY Spotlight On a Soldier: Michelle Williams

She’s a mother of two, a pilot and a wife of a former prisoner of war.

This week’s spotlight on a soldier shines on Michelle Williams.

Michelle Williams joined the Army nine years ago as a photojournalist.

After interviewing Blackhawk pilots at Fort Campbell, she decided she wanted to become a pilot herself. Now she's teaches Blackhawk classes.

She’s married to David Williams; the Apache pilot who was taken prisoner of war after his helicopter was shot down. She remembers the day she saw her husband's aircraft in ruins on TV. She just prayed that he was still alive and his survival skills could carry him through. Then her son made the shocking discovery.

For 22 days Michelle prayed for her husband's release and then the Marines rescued him. And again, she got the news from CNN.

After she talked to her husband that afternoon, her life plans came back into focus. The life changing experience taught the Blackhawk teacher there's nothing more important than family.

Michelle and her husband attended Easter service last year with President George W. Bush, Former President George Bush and Condeleeza Rice a week after he was rescued.

President Bush thanked them for their service and dedication to America.

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