Wiregrass Power Outages

Alabama Power experienced a record number of outages. More than 500,000 customers throughout Dothan were at one time without power.

Utility crews were out in full force yesterday restoring electricity to in our area.

If you are still without power you may call 1-800-888-2726.

West Florida Electric Cooperative reports they are gradually getting power restored to its customers. Their offices are closed all day today to allow workers to concentrate on restoring power.

If you find downed power lines you may report them by calling the co-op at this toll-free number 1-800-342-7400.

For those in the Wiregrass without telephone service, officials with CenturyTel’s Repair Center tell News 4 they are working to restore phone service to you. If you don't have phone service and can get to a working phone, you can contact CenturyTel's Center at 1-800-824-2877.