New Fertilizer Available to Farms

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Recent dry weather may be hurting a lot of agriculture in the state, but thanks to a new fertilizer, farmers may have a solution for their weak crops.

It’s the middle of peanut season and while many crops are suffering from the drought, the peanuts on Strickland Farm are looking healthy and growing fast.

Owner of Strickland Farm, Sammy Strickland said, “We're greatly surprised because of the drought that we've had. Our older peanuts are probably a good a crop or better crop we've had on peanuts because the drought has affected many things. But our peanut crop is excellent. We've had a lot of people talk about problems, but ours has been excellent so far. “

Sammy can thank Accelegrow, a new fertilizer on the market, for his bountiful crops. The fertilizer is sprayed over crops in two applications, and helps to build root structure in plants.

President of Accelegrow Technologies, Jeff Peel, said, “Here's a shot of two pieces of corn, one that was treated with Accelegrow, one that was not. This is from Limestone County, North Alabama; 166 bushels, acre 40.”

Accelegrow is eco friendly and organic based. It took about four years of research before it was put on the market. Farmers are still finding out about the discovery.

Peel said, “We started the process in 2003. From there, we actually just got our license in Alabama last June. So, this is our busiest selling season. Everything up to this point has been experiment and trial basis.”

The miracle fertilizer has been tested on other types of agriculture, including cotton, soybeans, and sugarcane.

Farmers can expect to pay $8 to $10 dollars per acre to treat their crops, which is a small price for large growth.

Accelegrow is sold in local farmers co-ops.

For more information, you can visit the company's website at

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