Slocomb Police Complaint


The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is looking into a possible case of police brutality in Slocomb.

Slocomb Police called the ABI after parents of some children attending Slocomb's Friday night football game accused police of excessive force.

Yvonne Parks said her daughter and son were trying to get away from a fight when police came after them.

According to the teens, the police unnecessarily handcuffed them and wrestled one of them to the ground.

Seventeen-year-old Lakeesha Parks has a fractured wrist and 18-year-old Christopher Parks has a torn shoulder muscle.

Two other Slocomb high school students have also made accusations of police brutality during the same incident.

Slocomb Police Chief Lamar Snell said the ABI, an outside investigating unit, is looking into the accusations until then he cannot comment on what happened.

However, Parks said she wants the officers involved off the streets.