Construction Supplies, Trailer Reported Stolen

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Thieves are making progress difficult for some construction crews.

Someone or a group of people is preying on construction sites for materials in hopes of selling them for cash.

If the materials aren't available or hard to get to, they'll just take the entire trailer.

"I noticed that one of my trailers was missing or had moved. I thought my partner had come that day to pick it up cause’ I had the locks cut off the trailer," said Robert Looney with X-Treme Framing.

The locks that X-Treme Framing had on their trailer that were stolen this week, are very solid and no normal bolt cutter available at a home improvement store would get the job done.

Looney says that the clean cuts indicate special equipment, but what are the thieves in search of?

Sub-Contractor Frank Parker speculates, "I've had a trailer and tools stolen. I think they were after copper, but now they’re after trailers and tools."

The case of the X-Treme Framing trailer that went missing is under investigation by the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Antonio Gonzalez says construction robbery of this kind is mainly a crime of opportunity. Thieves in search of things like copper have a means to take other equipment, so they do.

Ken Peoples with X-Treme Framing said, "I was just really disturbed, really upset. I just felt like I had lost something really big there."

This type of theft has an effect on the way people build houses in the area, to the point where as soon as walls are up, doors will be installed weeks before they need to, to keep thieves out.

Parker said, "Most of the pawn shops in Dothan, you can tell them what you've had stolen. I don’t know if they are taking them out of town or what, but it's just gotten real bad lately around here."

To the contractors, it appeared as though the trailer theft this week was pre-planned. A dirt road was cut to the house during the day and that same night the trailers were stolen.

If you have information on the stolen trailers, contact the Houston County Sheriff's Office at 334-677-4882.

Local contractors are offering a $2000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

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