160 Grams Of Cocaine Seized in Houston County Drug Bust

The Houston County Sheriff's department seized more than $17,000 worth of cocaine Tuesday night.

Deputies executed a search warrant at a home on Pine Hills Drive.

Reportedly they recovered approximately 160-grams in cocaine.

2-thousand dollars in cash and a 9 millimeter handgun was also recovered in the search.

Houston County deputies have made three separate cocaine trafficking cases in the past three days.

“That's a lot of dope out there and this information was quick to be reacted upon by the deputies getting these drugs of the street, as well as the handgun that's our biggest concern dealing and trafficking of cocaine with a handgun in a residential area,” said Capt. Antonio Gonzalez of Houston Co. Sheriff's office>

If you information on suspected drug trafficking you should call them at 334-677-4882.

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