An Enterprise Neighborhood Experiences Break-ins

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Residents in one Enterprise neighborhood say they're afraid for their lives after a rash of recent home break-ins.

One or more persons kicked-in the side door to Sarah Cole’s Paul Street home and proceeded to ransack the house.

It happened during broad daylight, and she's not alone. In the last week, several residential break-ins' took place in Coppinville Road neighborhoods:

Cole said of the incident, "I come back home and see that they broke in; they took things, they took a lot. I don't want to say on camera."

Several fearful residents expressed their concerns to the Enterprise City Council.

The culprits' must be caught before someone is injured or worse.

Alma West, another burglary victim said, "They broke into the house two doors down last Friday. I want to thank the police, but want to help us keep vigilant."

Jesse Smith, a Virginia Avenue resident said, “There are many elderly widow women that live in these neighborhoods. They can't sleep at night."

Several council members asked the residents to get with police and form a neighborhood watch program in the Coppinville area.

If you can help police with the rash of break-ins and burglaries in the Coppinville road area, contact them at 347-2222.

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