City of Dothan Commissioner Meeting

The decision on where to put a new city park has plagued Sothan city officials for months. That’s just one dilemma facing city leaders.

It was the first meeting for new commissioners Seagal and Davis.

One of the many topics on Tuesday's agenda was the $250,000 dollar contribution to the Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center.

Mayor Pat Thomas and Commissioner Seagal believe the center is a big help and great asset to the community.

Mayor Thomas said the city would like to, "Clean up the stadium and probably other things, cut the grass at the cemeteries and service the water sites."

The extra funds will add more space to the facility and add extra jobs.

Another hot topic on the list was the future plans for a park in the city of Dothan.

Recreation Board Chairman Johnny Middlebrooks said, "We need to go ahead and make it happen now because the land is fast and leaving and won't have that much to pick from anymore."

Most want the new area for Dixiland Youth, but Commissioner Seagal says focusing the park on the senior citizens is the better route to take.

"I'll just tell you up front if you want my vote and my support we're gonna’ lead with the senior citizens," Seagal said.

Organizers with the Dothan Recreation Board say the community needs to talk to their commissioners about the project and begin to get it lifted off the ground.

Commissioners will address some of the same topics at their next meeting, slated for October 16th.

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