Enterprise Police Investigating Double Murder

Late Tuesday afternoon, a woman checking on her brother found him and another man fatally shot inside a home.

State and local authorities are processing the crime scene trying to come up with a suspect. At this time, there's not much information being released about what appears to be a double murder.

Police believe they know the identity of the victims, but those names have not officially been released.

One victim was found in the living room and the second in a bathroom. Each had been fatally shot and they are reportedly in their mid-20's.

At this time, it’s unclear how long they have been dead.

The weapon has not reportedly been found.

Police say there's no visible forced entry. In other words, the victims and the suspect may have known each other.

"If it was a domestic situation or, something else, it's too early to determine what the motive was. At this time, we have no indication that it was a burglary that had gone bad. [There were] no signs of forced entry," said Capt. Mike Lolley with the Enterprise Police Department.

At this time, police don't believe this to be a home-invasion gone bad.

They don't believe it to be a random act of violence.

Police are looking for help from the public in this case.

If you have information on this double-killing in the Battens Community, call Enterprise Police at 347-2222.

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