Peanut Crop Harvest Underway

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The Peanut Festival is only a month away and farmers are looking to harvest their peanuts in good fashion, though experts say, a little rain wouldn't hurt.

The air in the Wiregrass has been crisp and cool in the mornings, leaving to a dry and breezy day. However, local farmers think that all the dry air will make harvesting difficult this fall.

Headland Researcher Kris Balkcom said, “Notice this wind that we've had this last week, it's just really drying the ground out. It's just picking that moisture right out of the ground. When they get dry, they get hard, and it makes it real hard to dig these peanuts without having any losses."

While the northern breeze may feel refreshing to some of us, to the farmers, it's making their dry situation even worse.

County Extension Coordinator Jimmy Jones says, "It's been a dry year, and they are not exceptions. We've had some 3,000 pounds yields; we've had some ton yields. It's like in the cotton, a bale of cotton is the bare minimum to pay the bills, and so [is] a ton of peanuts. [A] ton and a half of peanuts is about the minimum to pay the bills, and that's where we are right now. [We are] trying to help these farmers get ready to dig these peanuts and get the best yield they can with what's out there.”

Experts say that any rain that comes will no longer help with the growing of the peanuts, but that it will help with harvesting them.

Farmers are currently spraying some of their peanuts in order find out if they're ready for harvesting.

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