Pike County Animal Shelter Looking to Expand

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The Pike County Animal Shelter is packed and looking to expand to accommodate the large number of animals.

It is one of the many problems the Pike County Animal Shelter faces each day.

"My hopes are for a more modern shelter, one that can house cats and dogs and whatever animals may come about," says Ken Andress of Pike County Police Department.

The Pike County Animal Shelter is not one that has been easily accessible to the public nor had the room to house many four legged friends.

"Having it in a better location for all of the city of Troy and Pike County; that's one thing that's really lacking is a general location," said Andress.

And, the dreams for that prime location may soon come true.

Donna Schubert says “Our goal is to build an animal shelter that is a pillar in all animal welfare efforts for our community.”

Those hopes are being fulfilled with a fundraising golf tournament that is being held by the University of Troy’s National Broadcasting Society.

The golf tournament will be held to raise funds to better the animal shelter.

"It's a great organization and it’s something Pike County desperately needs. We're welcome to do other joint fundraisers with the shelter so that we can raise some money and make sure it gets off the ground," said Jeff Spurlock.

The fundraising event will be held on October 13th at the Trojan Oaks Golf Course.

The fee to enter the Trojan Oaks Golf Tournament is $60 per person.

Proceeds will benefit the new animal shelter.

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